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About Golden Cakes Inc.

GCI is dedicated to becoming one of the most successful companies in the industry; and in order to achieve such success, we must dedicate ourselves to our customers and to running the highest quality units.  It is our goal to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible every time a guest walks through the door at one of our IHOP restaurants.  Kind and friendly service with a smile, along with a quality product at a perceived value, in a clean and comfortable environment is what every customer expects in a dining experience.  Demonstrating dedication and appreciation to our hourly employees is another important element of our success as a company.  We must be dedicated to giving them the best environment possible along with the tools, equipment, and proper training necessary for them to accomplish their mission, which is customer satisfaction.  Our hourly employees are our greatest asset and the most frequent customer contacts in our business.  The training and support they receive will directly impact their attitudes when interfacing with customers.

Mission Statement

Our mission as a company and all the goals we set to become successful cannot become reality without day-to-day proper management. We are, without question, dedicated to the training and development of our General Managers, Assistant Managers, and Area Supervisors who manage our restaurants. It is the company's goal to have highly-qualified and professionally-trained management personnel running our restaurants. Simply put, our mission is to be completely successful.